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Adding more sensors to an ESP32

I’ve been running an ESP32 NodeMCU in the bedroom for motion, temperature, and humidity for a while and have wanted to extend it’s functionality by adding light sensing too, in order to improve the motion light control to trigger when the lux is a certain level vs the current functional, but limited mode based on the position of the sun.

Custom ROMs on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

I was an avid user of custom ROMs for my Android phones when vendors used to stop providing updates or included too much bloat with their releases. However that stopped when I got a Moto X4 which was for me the right balance and it performed well.

Home Assistant on a Pi4

I noticed that the Pi3 that had been hosting our Home Assistant setup along with a minimal set of addons was really struggling which came apparent with things not being as stable as they should and often requiring reboots.