Malachi Soord In a beautiful place out in the country

Replacing our NAS

A couple of months ago our old single drive WD My Cloud Home NAS died. The HDD failed and even shucking the device and trying to connect with a SATA adaptor failed to read the drive. Thankfully nothing important was lost as that was all backed up off site. on a Raspberry Pi with USB SSD Boot

My Home Assistant setup recently died due to the SDCard finally giving up after 3 years of continual use. Thankfully I had a relatively recent snapshot of my setup so getting up and running again was mostly painless. However this time I invested in an SSD and converting my setup to boot from that.

Reverse engineering IOLITE remote API

Our landlords installed a smart heating system into our apartment around 2 years ago. Consisting of a wall mounted tablet and some RF controlled radiator valves to allow us to control these on a schedule or via the control panel in the hall.